Failures: Experience 6/6

This will be a short but monumental post.

About two months ago I was sitting in Dallas trying to decide which business venture I was going to setup before joining the IDF. The goal was to set something up that wouldn’t require a lot of time after that original setup, would provide me with at least a descent source of personal revenue, and could be executed for a very small amount of startup capital. Boom Student Painters Round 2!

I put together a rudimentary business plan because I was so confident about my skills in that business from the previous failure, that it just wasn’t necessary to spend a lot of time fine tuning it. Well that blew up in my face and the investor shot it down with a Beretta A400 Xcel.

But if I had gotten that initial $20,000 things would’ve been drastically different and the newest venture wouldn’t have even really come together at all.

So grateful for this particular failure because the next one is the one.