Failure: The conclusion

Six failures. Lots of lessons. 

These experiences weren’t free, chalk it up to atleast a 100k and it wasn’t a cheap education what’s so ever. But how it’s really different than a traditional business education is that first hand real world experience. Falling flat on my face in every one of my first business ventures was just the necessary process for future success. There’s certain principals you can sit in a classroom for a required amount of hours and leave with a pretty good understanding of the material. But putting these principals into play, through various trials and errors, is completely different. Just having the ability to put everything on the line and risk financial failure is not an easy request. Only certain types of people can deal with this type of pressure and uncertainty. Here my bloogers is the barebones definition of entrepreneurship. It’s as simple as jumping off that cliff and building the plane on the way down, Going out on a limb that might snap, risking everything at a chance at something, giving your all when there’s just no guarantee anything will find its way back to you, and the metaphors go on for days.

After writing this series of bloog posts, I was truly able to relive what these failures were at the time but more importantly how they molded my entrepreneurial career for life. Overall these different lessons have manifested themselves in a vision for the future, both as a person and an entrepreneur. My message to you is please for the sake of the future, don’t fold when the decks stacked against you. Develop your vision, build your team, put the pieces in place, and most importantly jump off the cliff and figure out how to execute your reality.