Business in Bed

It's just really hard to imagine doing business approximately 100 years ago...completely submerged in the manufacturing, steel, agriculture, machinery, oil, automobile, and aviation businesses. Post industrial revolution ignition, and a tech revolution completely different than the one we're in today, are the primary drivers of massive business growth and development. But in comparison to how business is done today, it was inefficient, time consuming, and needed constant upkeep and maintenance. Not saying that business today doesn't need some maintenance, but the new tech revolution and progression of our global infrastructure and transport system has completely flipped how businesses is done on it's face. 

Just to give a quick rundown of some of the business "evolution", here it is broken down into two categories: Transport and Tech. Transportation involves how the use of different methods (Cars, planes, trains, ect.) have progressed as well as the systems they use to get around. Technology involves household devices, personal devices, and science. These have made us more adapted and higher functioning human beings. Below they are broken down into some simple lists going back to the early 20th century (~100 years ago), mid 20th century (~50 years ago), early 21st century (~20 years ago), and then today.

Early 20th Century

-Just introducing mass produced cars from combustion engine
-The model T
-Flight is beginning to get some traction
-Panama Canal

-Electric typewriter
-First radio receiver
-Indoor air conditioner

Mid 20th Century

-Automotive had moved passed making war vehicles to consumer goods
-Hot rods
-End of 1950s a solid percentage of American workers were working in the automobile industry
-National highway system was expanded, massive infrastructure upgrades

-H Bomb
-Space Race
-Polio vaccine
-ENIAC "calculator" 
-Transistor based computer
-Fast food
-First malls

Early 21st Century

-Boeing and Airbus competing for the airplane manufacturer spot
-Concorde supersonic passenger jet
-Double decker jets
-High speed rail across Europe

-Expansion of internet-globalization
- Drastic comm improvement
-Energy crisis
-Spirit rover landed on mars
-Scientific advancements (a lot)
-Wireless internet
-Music downloading
-USB drive
-Internet commerce
-Digital cameras
-Flat screens
-Text messaging
-Social networking sites
-Navigation systems in cars
-hybrid vehicles


-Non stop flights across the Atlantic
-Cars pushing 270mph
-Cars running on new efficient fuels and electricity become common place
-Complicated but simple transport systems
-Efficient and smart navigation
-Self driving cars
-Underground superspeed tunnels
-Flying cars

-Smart phones connected anywhere and everywhere
-Smart machines
-Smart everything
-Integrating into normal life
-Power of advanced computers and cameras in the phones
-Security systems
-Technology in every aspect being able to simplify and make everyday life more and more fluid
-Green Revolution

Thought Process

Along with transportation and technological progression, the way humans are thinking is different too, especially the millennial generation. Bluntly put, they're rebellious and don't like the phrase "no, that's not possible". Challenging the norm can be seen in many of the new businesses, ideas, and movements going on around the globe. Millennials are creative, motivated, and most importantly...COLLABORATIVE. This is helping drive new startups, give some competition to "traditional" business models, and fuel entrepreneurship. 


Naturally one would expect for things to change a bit after 100 years. But did anyone expect them to change this much? The rapid rate of development, especially towards the end of the 20th century and into the 21st century, is mind boggling. In my opinion, transportation and technology are the two main driving forces contributing to just how drastically business has changed. Technology has increased our efficiency by at least 100x (not really sure exactly but has to be some crazy multiplier), streamlined our ability to communicate around the world, made our workstations portable and smart, and given us access to information never thought possible. Transportation too has given us the ability to easily reach far away destinations, get places faster, and exposed us to different cultures.

This recipe makes up an incredible dish of international business at the touch of our fingertips...making it possible to do your Business in Bed where ever you might be at the time. All you need is a smartphone or computer and some type of internet connection, and you'll be in business!