What makes us achieve the things we aim towards achieving or fall short of those same things? Is it circumstances? Is it other people? Nope it’s definitely not either of those because those are both external. The reason great people are capable of achieving great things is because of their mindset. And there is a concept in mindset training called a “No Matter What” or in short known as NMW. A “No Matter What” is actually pretty easily understood, but putting it into practice should be both grueling and sacred. 

Break the term down slowly. NO...MATTER...WHAT. That is a really serious combination of words and shouldn’t be taken lightly if applied towards something. The distinction has to be made between a casual “I’d like to do that” or “Sure I can make that happen” to a “NO MATTER WHAT” this thing, whatever it might be, is going to happen. This is a commitment to oneself and the people around them, that they will fulfill on a personal promise. If the term were to be compared to anything, it most similarly represents giving your word. 

Making a few NMWs to oneself, and then sticking to them no matter what, can shift a persons’ mindset in a whole new direction. The level of self-accountability and dedication that comes with a serious one of these will shape or reshape you as a person. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

-Training for and completing a marathon

-Reading a book a week for a year

-Sticking to a diet plan until a goal is achieved

-Finishing a degree plan

-Volunteering once a month for a year

-Committing to getting accepted to a special unit in the military

-Picking and going for your dream job

These are just a few quick examples. Notice that they all have one thing in common. A GOAL. This can either be a window of time you’d like to commit to or a physical goal set out to achieve. Having this measurement device is very important or your NMW can end up being too open-ended. 

Fulfilling a NMW does many positive things for mindset but highlighting two is very important. These two would be building grit and encouraging creativity. 

Grit can only be developed through gruel. There has to be some hard times endured, uncertainty present, and tunnel vision practiced. A significant “No Matter What” will not be easy and doubts will pop up somewhere in a persons journey. Being able to keep the goal in sight and not give up changes your psychological DNA for the rest of your life.

What happens when someone hits a dead end or comes upon a seemingly impossible challenge? One of two things...either they turn around and quit or get very creative in order to keep moving forward. During a NMW this should and will happen several times. And every time a person goes into creative mode and overcomes an obstacle, their “anything is possible muscle” gets just a little bit stronger. 

A NMW is putting your brain in the gym. Keeping your word to yourself really does slowly build up the belief that anything is possible and the sky REALLY IS THE LIMIT. If the phrase “No Matter What” can not just be added to your vocabulary but also practiced as a life skill, you’re guaranteed to be on the path towards success. It’s a skill that once learned, can be applied to any field, profession, or aspect of a person's life.