Facebook 2

What would be a better investment? Trying to put your companies message in front of an audience on the hunt and looking to spend money when they find their animal of choice, or instead…placing an untimely ad right in the middle of their flow that they never were looking for?

Obviously, the first sounds much more appealing. But what does this mean? These examples are demonstrating a key concept in marketing in general but for sure the Facebook marketing arena. This concept is “interruption vs permission marketing”. You’re ads are either placed in front of someone while they are just scrolling through their feed, or they’re placed in a way where the potential customer has to “find” them.

As a FB marketer, you have to be very aware of the type of content that is pushed to your target audiences. If all you’re doing is forcing “BUY MY PRODUCT NOW” ads all time, they will go cold on your brand quickly. All of us are bombarded with marketing messages all day every day and it’s starting to get old. But, if you want to go with the interruption marketing technique, it can still be very valuable. The catch is, you have to provide valuable content that will interest them and grab their attention instead of just going for the hard sale.

Good luck and go provide some value instead of just focusing on sales!