Million Dollar Message

We as a society are pretty product picky. Everything is about the next new toy or gadget we can get our hands on. But what makes the products different and cause us to choose one over the other? I believe the message, so what the brand is saying and how they are saying it, is one of the biggest influences on the decision process.

What is the brand saying?

This is the features of the product and why you should buy it over something else. It could be the new sleek design, the top quality materials used during construction, or the life changing benefits a customer will gain while using the products.

It also includes the feelings the brand creates while using their product. For example Beats headphones. This brand makes you feel the importance of high quality sound and making the most out of your music listening. Beats is telling you that when you use their products you will feel an upgrade in the personal music experience and also an increase in status.

How is the brand saying it?

This comes from general communication but is applied very well in the business world. It doesn’t just matter what you’re saying but many times even more importantly, how you say it. The voice of a brand is what customers will connect to first! The language used, how official or unofficial they are, and how they conduct themselves on social media are just a few of the different ways a brand communicates. But they are all important. Especially when the new generation is moving away from the corporate culture and paying more attention to who brands are at their core, how messages are relayed can’t be ignored.

Branding branding branding….it’s an intriguing field and part of the core strategy of any business. With how many touch points each customer has through all of the different channels, messaging is one of the most important parts of the process. Creating the message and delivering it correctly is an art!