A leader: Someone who encourages terrorism, violence, and murder on a daily basis against innocent civilians…

Sounds like a just and rationale leader no? No is exactly right. This is PA President Mahmoud Abbas for you people. And here's an examination of his latest fuckjob of a statement.

A little bit of background first…

The Israeli government decided to do an investigation into the pay-for-slay program in the PA. What's the pay-for-slay program exactly? This is a program that pays salary to current and former terrorists, as well as their families. So that means terrorist #1 can strap on an explosive vest, walk onto a crowded Israeli bus, detonate himself, kill 18 innocent Israeli citizens, and the son of a bitch earns his family a lifetime salary for his “righteous act in the name of God”. This is crazy! And the government supports it all!

So what just happened? The Israeli government investigated the finances of the program and decided to cut back some of their tax fee payments in order to curb the terrorist benefits program. Extreme to control someone else's finances but logical when it’s being used to fund your people being killed.

And what did Abbas do?? He made a public declaration that the last thing they would stop doing would be financing the pay-for-slay program. Listen to that name...Pay. For. SLAY. The PA would rather cut their other employees salaries and funding to other parts of public institutions than for the terrorist who have SLAYED Israeli men, women, and children...INNOCENT men, women, and children.

So believe in what you want when it comes to the Middle East. It's mixture of complicated political systems, ideological and religious views, and cultures from one end of the spectrum to the next. It’s not that Israel is an angel and hasn’t made mistakes. But don't try and tell me you support an organization where the LEADER encourages constant MURDER FOR MONEY.

It’s hard to believe this is even a thing. But it is and it has to somehow be stopped. Or the people on the other side deserve whatever comes to them.