One (Sentence) and Done

The cool products you see while swiping through Instagram, the webinar that pops up on Facebook, the first results that show up on google, and the emails that make it to your inbox (or most likely were filtered into spam) are all examples of the different types of online digital marketing that are trying to grab our attention 24/7. But why is this important? Well if you’re an entrepreneur or have a job where some or all of this may be your responsibility, it’s a vital skill for most teams today. Digital marketing is a complex web of different ways that companies and brands try to spread their message and now it’s time to get the “simplest of simple” overview of each one.


  • SMM (Social Media Marketing):

Social Media Marketing means connecting with an audience through social channels such as FB, IG, and Pinterest to boost brand awareness or convert the audience into consumers.

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

Search Engine Marketing consists of paid advertising through pay-per-click ads on one of the many search engines (mainly GOOGLE) in which the search engine charges a fixed price for every time someone clicks through to your site.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Search Engine Optimization suggests following a set of practices designed to increase the chances of your site ranking higher organically in a search engine.

  • Content Marketing:

Content Marketing is simply creating valuable, free, and engaging content for an audience to consume in the hope that it increases brand awareness, authority, and hopefully somewhere down the line...sales.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is where a 3rd party advertises your products through their channels earning a commission on sales.

  • Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing creates a partnership with a variety of online influencers where they use their platform and authority to experience and promote your brand to their existing and loyal audience.

  • Email Marketing:

Email Marketing has several different areas but basically, it is meant to maximize the potential of an email list through offering newsletters, updates, reminders, and more in order to stay in contact and market to new/existing customers.

In Conclusion:

Each one of these DIGITAL MARKETING tactics can be very powerful in your pursuit to reach the right audience...and once they are reached, stay in the front of their minds. To be effective in the highly competitive marketing environment of 2019, understanding and building a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is what will help keep you moving forward. The goal is to design your marketing across all these different methods and platforms in a way which can cut through the marketing fog customers are stuck in the middle of and deliver your messages to the people that matter.