Lol at the Lull

Taoist Philosophy “Rest is prior to motion and stillness prior to action”

Volatility is a natural element of nearly every aspect of our lives. Emotions, relationships, progress, business, and much more. But let’s put a little bit more focus on progress today. Progress can be measured against ourselves or others every day, week, month, or year. It can make us feel like we’re soaring upward, spiraling downward, or have just hit a flat point and are standing still. With most of us focused on careers and this being one of the priorities given the majority of our time, it’s easy to let this scale consume us. Skyrocketing upward is great and gives us a unique high, nosediving downward is also a very clear feeling and we do everything to prevent that, but what about that feeling during the horizontal buzz where not much progress may be happening?

This “standing still state” is important to be able to recognize, and even more important to act in order to change. If this doesn't happen quickly, you may end up getting stuck in a lull long enough to really throw you off track.

As much as we'd all prefer to be progressing vertically, this lull on the horizontal provides a unique opportunity if looked at through the right lense. It's a pause that allows someone to reevaluate direction, collect thoughts and strategize, and provide the spark of motivation needed for the next phase of climbing. Like everything else in life, it's just about the mindset.

Continuing forward, most of us will still be measuring our daily progress in several different aspects of our lives. We will feel the ups and the downs while in the midst of this journey. But learning how to identify a personal plateau has to be one of the most important skills. Identifying, and then having the correct mindset to regroup and continue onward and upward, gives us the ability to push our personal bests through continuing to progress.