Not so Subtle

To trace the conflict back between Israel and Iran...that's another bloog topic. But what about instead of focusing on the past, we breakdown the current situation. They both hold places on the world stage and, more specifically, are two of the most influential players in the Middle East...Not to mention the most controversial.

The current situation is sticky. You've got two very different sides of a coin, neither one agreeing on much. The issue is one continuously threatens the others existence. It can be seen very clearly what Irans’ intentions are. But they try their best to disguise these intentions through proxies such as Lebanon and Syria. Doing this spurs instability in an already unstable region. And what is Israel supposed to do here? Allow their sworn enemy to succeed in setting up vital infrastructure for future attacks directed towards the Jewish State?

We all know Israel isn't a country to sit on its hands while enemies attempt to take the upper hand. They've learned the hard way from sitting back and doubting their neighbors. So to combat these subtle, but not so subtle, advances on their security, they fight back preemptively. They shoot down drones and planes getting too close to their border. They destroy facilities meant to manufacture deadly weapons. And they work diligently to intercept weapons convoys on the way to terrorist groups bent on causing as much harm to Israelis as possible. There's simply no other option but to act offensively in these situations. But at its root, this offense really is just defense.

Right now it doesn't seem like either side is hungry for an escalation. But that's right now. Like always, it's just another pressure cooker waiting to explode in the Middle East. Iran is arming and fighting through proxies. They're supporting and funding the development and the pressure increase of the cooker. Will they ever decide to fight directly? Who knows. But it's very unlikely they will ever stop pushing their agenda forward through other parties.