The Glue

Posted ~July 20th

“Just because I don't talk to you doesn't mean I don't miss you”


We are all going through life trying our hardest to build and live a vision. This vision is what motivates and drives us to move forward. It's what helps us persevere in times of trial. And it's what will create our legacy that will continue to live on when we've “moved on” to the next world. What sometimes can end up happening though, is that we have such tunnel vision that the relationships that mean so much, get pushed to the side. This is not because these people aren't loved or that spending time with them isn't important. It's just losing sight of priorities and what's really important to also give focus.


While it's been established that no successful vision is complete without putting an emphasis on building relationships along the journey, I'd like to give a few thoughts I have around the process of the build.


It seems like many people have an expectation that they “deserve” a relationship. Or because they are friends with someone, that it should just always be like that even if they never put in any work or sacrifice. It also seems like there are many people that have no vision, who then expect others that are living their vision to just continually sacrifice to accommodate. This is just all a bunch of sheeeeeeeet. Relationships are a two way street, and if one person simply expects things from the other, this is a doomed situation that should be cut off at the knees. It's all about effort, and chasing around someone trying to strengthen a relationship will drive a person crazy! So just don't do it;)  


I think the emotional glue to any relationship is an underlying feeling of loyalty. This is something that takes priority over anything else and the trust that is built through loyalty is priceless. Having loyal friends and family is what this is all about. And having a smaller circle of people who are truly loyal is much better than a big circle filled with snakes.


So there was a drop in the ocean on that subject. Kinda random and disorganized but it's a start on the never ending journey to understand relationships, their meaning, and their place in our lives. For now, the bottom line is they just matter. Macro, they matter over everything else and you're nothing unless there are a meaningful people in your life. But, micro it’s also important to balance living YOUR vision and then also dedicating time to the macro belief of relationship building. Sometimes it's time to just slow down and realize what REALLY matters. If all the success and material things disappeared, the relationships would be the only thing left!