Failures: The Intro


As crazy as it sounds, at this point in my career as an entrepreneur, I love failure. The reason for this is because technically speaking I’m 0/6 in my first ventures and at the same level with credibility. But what this has engrained in my business dna is the acceptance of failure. This doesn’t mean throwing in the towel or turning around at the first road block. What it really means is using these “failures” as rocket fuel in the motivation tank. Failing is just something that any person with an idea, and even a great idea just has to be ok with.


At the base this boils down to failure=education+experience. Can you think of a time off the top of your head where a failure gave you experience with something? And I’m sure your next thought is creating that list of things you’d do differently? That right there is gold, or platinum depending on how you look at it. Either way, platinum or gold, you have gained a precious metal of an experience that is worth more than any “precious metal” to your next attempt at whatever you “failed” at.


Yes there are a million ways to minimize the risk of failure. Get educated around the topic, start small, surround yourself with people that know more about the topic than you, and talk to people that have done the same thing or something similar. But at the end of the day the lessons that will teach you the most are the ones you learn from first-hand experience, and first-hand experience means just getting your hands dirty: dirty with failure.