Elevation Through Collaboration

Why do we all still see so many people in the “survival of the fittest” mentality? I’m not at all saying there’s not appropriate situations to think like this, but to go about daily life thinking this way is just not beneficial. The world is slowly starting to make a dramatic shift in perspective and the people that don’t begin changing their perspective, are going to be left in the dust. And they fucking deserve it.

Collaboration is the new way towards elevation. Elevation could be elevating yourself as an entrepreneur, athlete, person, musician, artist, or the other 18,000 areas of life or profession. Basically, it just means that working with someone else or working with a team will get you so much farther along your path and executing your vision than going at it alone. Collaboration is one of those things that just doesn’t have any downside. It encourages critical thinking and creativity, expands perspective and provides exposure, and if everyone is on the same page…ensures better results than just a lone wolf. It’s the new wonder drug of performance.

Understanding that everyone is in the relationship business, can also help validate the importance of collaboration. No matter what professional area someone lives, they will need to build a relationship with someone sometime. And there’s no better way to build trust in a relationship than colab with someone through sharing information, helping them get better, and working towards a common goal. This process is simply magical.

Healthy competition, even intense competition, is a must have. But learning how to work together better, and be inspired to help each other thrive and grow, needs to be the priority. This flawed thought pattern of pulling others down so you can get ahead, or stomping all over people on your vision path, is just not right. Why hoard information? Why not share valuable tips and tricks with people that may not benefit? How about thinking that someone else is going to “steal your business” if you let them into your mind? Come on. Collaboration is a mindset. And it’s this mindset that has the ability to change our world for the better.