Avoiding the Loop

Having made the commitment of keeping up with a routined bloogging schedule, sticking to that was an important priority on the never ending list of things to do. But as the weekend available timeometer started to countdown quicker and quicker, the realization was made that...I simply fucked around and hadn't gotten anything done. I was slightly stressed about it and was starting to get frustrated with the choices I had made which lead to the "lack of time" to really put in the desired effort. And then it hit me...

I decided to just set aside 10 min on a bus ride for this post and whatever could get done during that time, would be what got done.

So the message for the week is basically to just cut ourselves some slack. It's not about perfect performance 100% of the time. It's not about every damn time making sure that, especially in writing, that every "t" is crossed and "i" is dotted. The better mindset is just to always be striving for the top and doing your best, but if you drop the ball just don't let it throw you for a loop. Learn from it and use it as motivation to do better next time. It's all about that general upward trending curve. But expecting vertical, that's just unrealistic.

Everyone have a great week and don't get stuck in a loop!