Mindset: Investing vs. Spending Time

On an average day in the life of a human, we all wake up with the same opportunity to move the ball forward. In theory ,everyone gets handed the same 24 hours in a day, and the same 7 days of the week. Some choose to milk those 168 hours for all their worth, and some decide to be wasteful. But the point is everyone starts with the same precious amount of that valuable non-renewable resource. So how are some people able to make so much more progress? It's because they believe in "investing" their time instead of simply "spending" it. And it's not that time can simply be spent it's just being mindful of this concept. 

First things first, is to really understand how "time flies" exactly. The amount of time that can be, and is, wasted everyday is astronomical. Many may even be doing things that feel productive but really aren't. How about having to redo things because they weren't done right the first time? Really beginning to explore how your time is used, or wasted, is the first step to understanding how to become more efficient going forward. 

Once you've figured out where your time is going, now practicing time management is possible. Below are a few things that can help maximize your time. 

This can come in many forms and fashions. But it's basically just looking at things you do in your life, where another variable could be added. So how bout a podcast on the way to work or during a workout? Next time you're with a family member, instead of just relaxing the whole time, learn something together or help one another on a project. While sitting down for breakfast, also watching a quick YouTube video on a subject your passionate about. 

Hiring a virtual assistant to help with your routine tasks and just manage your life can relieve some of the pressure to keep up with the little things. In my opinion, EVERYONE could use alittle help with the day to day. 

Just being efficient and thinking through things before you do them can help save so much time. Planning your day the night or week before. Knowing exactly what's on your shopping list. It's a mindset change that will help with EVERYTHING.

Sleep Less:
When will you get the most sleep? The answer is when your time is up here on planet earth and instead your buried six feet under it. Why people sleep 8-10 consistently is just perplexing. You don't need the sleep is what it boils down to. Even if you went from sleeping 8 hours a night to 7 would give you an extra 8.5 weeks (calculated at a 40 hour work week) to move yourself forward! Those numbers are just crazy...

This can do leaps and bounds for anybody trying to find more time and be efficient. With all the apps and services available, there's something for everyone. You can have your laundry picked up and delivered every week, groceries delivered, prepped meals ready, systems to automate social media, scheduling and reminder apps, and so much more. Utilzing the technology and services available are a no brainer, but you've got to use your brain to find which ones make sense;)

Time Management:
This goes above all but really encompasses all of the different tools. It's your system... and building it, practicing it, and living your life by it's principles will be the key to success. It means "investing" your time on the things that REALLY MATTER. "Spending" your time with the people that REALLY matter. Always being mindful of what you're doing and when you're doing it. Making sure you've got a schedule and it's as efficient as possible. And having the discipline to stick to it will pull everything together. 

So what's it going to be? Do you feel like being a do-er or a waster? We only get one shot at doing our life right and practicing all these skills can just help raise achievements to a whole other level. But it's not something that happens over night either. It take years of practice to find the balance of efficiency/fast pace and knowing when to slow down and "enjoy" life. Just because we want to move fast and do big, doesn't mean we can't stop to smell the roses. In conclusion, let's all make the changes in our lives that will allow us to have more of it!