Six Centuries of Jewish Happenings: 17th Century

Up until this point, Jews experienced a relatively "peaceful" life. At least in Western Europe that was more of the case. Unfortunately, this wouldn't last and once again the Jews would feel the pain of antisemitism. This again started with pogroms in Ukraine and one that was especially brutal and horrendous. This pogrom in 1648 was led by Bogdan Chmielnicki. Some of the scenes were so terribly described it gives goosebumps on the skin. To think humans have been doing this to one another for all of history is just crazy. There were about 100,000 Jews massacred in this pogrom. 

The false Messiah showed up. That must've caused quite a ruckus. 

If you look back at some of the first colonies established in America, something becomes strikingly clear. There is a significant influence on the law code from the old testament and old Hebrew biblical law. It is also recorded that the first arrival of jews to America was in 1654 to New Amsterdam, later known as New York.