One Big Team

Being a high functioning person, finding other people at that level to collaborate with is always a priority. But any real entrepreneur and leader will also crave to find people with potential, and help get them vibrating at a higher frequency as well. Identifying, building a relationship, and then working the a very intricate thing to do. 

But what happens when the person has potential but their motivation isn't quite there yet? Are you justified to intervene and try to spark the fire? How about pouring kerosene? And most do you handle all this when they are friends or family? 

This can be tricky and delicacy may be necessary. It's my belief though, that if the passion is there, it's really just a question of narrowing down what really motivates the person and then making sure that's put at the forefront. Then ingrain yourself into their process and really see where you can HELP and become a member of their team.

This is all really awesome and inspiring stuff. Becoming a part of someone else's growth and success, especially someone close to you, should be exciting and inspiring. But just remember to respect where they are in their journey. Adapt to what they may need. And it'll all be Gucci.