I Fuck Wit Em


Below are five awesome brands that have great messages and really inspire their customers to stay loyal. Loyalty to a brand is not easy to cultivate, but once it's there it'll help a company continue creating and innovating for the future. 


Lulu simply defines what it means to be a Yogi. They have a message that revolves around enjoying your practice every day and living in the happiest way possible. Really they just want their customers to enjoy life. The products are just the way in which they see the Lululemon brand can help enable this to happen. Their products are top quality and tend to be on the more expensive end. But it really is good shit, and if you're a dedicated yoga practitioner it becomes part of your swag;)!

Osprey aims to build the highest quality and most durable backpacks in the industry. They use expensive materials, don't cut consumers, and are really in this for the passion. Osprey wants to produce high quality hear that will help people enjoy their adventures. And to back that up, they promise an " All Might Guarantee" that will repair or replace a bag with ANY issues. 

Blue Apron
Blue Apron is on a mission to help develop and deliver on a new system for our food. Their core value is to supply sustainable and healthy ingredients to the community of at home chefs. This way, they can do their thing in the most convenient way possible.

When you see somebody wearing a pair of Beats, you know they're in the zone. Beats are both a representation of style, and listening to your favorite music like you were right there in the studio. They use a ton of videos and images of pro athletes and musicians using Beats in their zone. This helps the customer aspire to do the same. When you buy a Beats product, you can be sure that you're going to be experiencing music at a different level. Plus, you get to look good doing it. 

Headspace encourages people to meditate and be more mindful. They believe that in the super fast paced world we live in, sometimes you've just got to slow down and give your brain some room to...not think. Headspace also realized that sometimes you may not know exactly where to start or where to begin. That's why the app provides a meditation guide right in your pocket. 

We live in a world of brands and their products. They give us tools to enjoy life to the fullest and we really do care about the company behind the thing. What they represent, how they give back, and the message they send us all affect our emotions. This then, in turn, affects how loyal or disloyal we are as customers. It's a fascinating ecosystem!