Give Em a Reason to Fuck Wit You

What‘s the first thing that flashes up on your screen when you Google, "what's a message?"... Hahaha I don't remember exactly but something about verbal or written communication left for someone not there. That just isn't quite the version I was looking for here...although props to Google because they did provide every possible definition under the sun when clicking through further . For this post, I'm looking for the following definition as written by yours truly: A message is what and how you communicate to your community of customers, drawing on emotions to build a strong sense of "why". A message should be something others relate to and feel excited to become a part of. Message should ignite movement. 

There are many different ways to communicate a message, but all of them should be done thoughtfully and with purpose. Don't waste your customers time or attention trying to communicate bullshit. There's nothing more valuable then them tuning into what you have to say, so make sure to say it consicely. This message will be the way that your customers identify and connect with your business. Making, nurturing, and growing this relationship will decide a businesses fate. If you can figure out how to really turn this into a relationship where the customer feels heard and finds value, they will be fully invested in the success of your business as well. 

A message isn't just vital for the customer. Having a strong sense of why is the catalyst to strong company culture where employees will strive to be their best. They will feel like their contributing to something real and worthwhile instead of just showing up to the 9-5 and getting a paycheck. Successful companies are the companies that are passionate at the heart...and the heart of a business only pumps with people there to make it happen. 

In closing, just remember how important it is to have substance and deep rooted meaning behind a product and company. There's just no substitute for this. As a society we don't just want "things" anymore. We want things that matter, and message is the avenue a brand has to explain this. 

Stay tuned for next week's post: Companies with strong messages;)