Hungry for Likes

You're "starving" and finally the food is served. You grab a miniature pitchfork or as some may refer to it, a fork, and lick your chops to dig in. Just as the pitchfork is about to hit that golden haybail of noodles, a violent, "wtf are you doing is yelled into the air" and your eating partner draws their sword...or as some may refer to it, a knife. Immediately you think, "what's wrong?". But before you can think through what actually happened, your now opponent pulls out their phone and begins a 16 minute photo shoot on your noodle dish. 

So where does all this stand? Is it appropriate to have your phone at a meal? Is is appropriate to take pictures of your meal? Is appropriate to share those pictures on social media?

In my opinion, all those questions should be answered with a yes. Cell phones and social media have given us the opportunity to create awesome memories and share those memories with family, friends, and the rest of the world. At the same time, just like everything, there's a balance. Is the priority showing up to the meal with a full battery and enough storage on your device, or is it to show up mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for an exceptional meal? 

Don't let yourself miss the meal, but also make sure you don't forget to log and share the memory!