It's a Mindset

Entrepreneurship isn't just "starting a business from scratch". Entrepreneurship isn't just being able to "handle the risks associated with starting a business from scratch". Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking and, usually, it's engrained in a person's DNA from birth. Entrepreneurs are typically good with risk management and don't adhere to the "standard". Rules and regulations just don't apply. Overall it's about their perspectives. They just think differently. 

What are some of the pros of living the life of entrepreneurship? Shit the list is endless, but here's a bakers dozen winners:

Pushing your personal limits-
You're your own boss in this world. This requires constant personal development and boundary skating. This takes a ton of self-motivation and always looking for a way to get to that next level.

This is your boat and you're the captain. This encompasses a ton of responsibility and ultimate accountability. The success of your operation isn't based on just how great a product or service may be. It starts from inside the company, and that means with the people. If you can master this area, you could sell "snow to a ski slope".

Relationship building-
Just like leadership, business is all about people. Thriving as a successful entrepreneur requires you to be empathetic and understand how to build meaningful relationships. This includes employees, customers, and potential investors. Make it about them. 

Consistency and determination-
Coming up with an idea is frequently the easy part. Every person has ideas, but not everyone can nurture and see them through to success. Entrepreneurs are notorious for how they handle obstacles, and even failure, along the way. But the most important thing is just not quitting. Keep hustling until the code is cracked!

Value of an idea-
While the coming up with an idea can be the easy part, it's also something that an entrepreneur values more than anything. They are the ones that can visualize that idea evolving into a fully functioning business so even the bad ideas, are looked at through a microscope. Atleast if nothing else, something can be learned. 

Driver of innovation-
Entrepreneurship unquestionably drives innovation. These thinkers and creators are the ones that are able to look at situations and solve problems. In some cases they're not even necessarily solving problems, but instead just creating something unique and exciting. 

Developing new ideas and building businesses can impact people's lives and the world. Basically, the entrepreneurship model carries the most potential for influence with it. Making decisions to use this influence for positive effects and social change is something that comes with responsibility. If used wisely, great things can happen. 

Having to manage risk and propel growth teaches a fundamental skill: money management. At the core, a business is a machine that runs off gas (money). Without having the know how to do this would cause a startup or business to nosedive very quickly. 

What are problems? After having to act as a firefighter, ones perspective changes. Little bullshit "issues" are just so minimized instead of exasurbated. This perspective can be used in many aspects of life outside of business. 

Limitless Ceiling-
When working for yourself, there's no limit on income. Depending on your strategy, and most importantly work ethic, the potential for growth is unreal. There's no "salary" or "bonus" setup. If you constantly move up and improve, so will your yourself.

Environment of Uncertainty-
There's nothing like working in this environment. All you have is a vision and nothing is guaranteed. It's constant decision making and strategy. Your either built for this or not!

If this is the life someone has chosen, being an entrepreneur and executing their vision is simply a life purpose. There's no sitting in an office doing meaningless stuff for some boss. 

This is the real winner right here folks. Living  and executing your vision as an entrepreneur enables a lifestyle that's unparalled. You build your schedule. You decide what to work on. You decide who to work with. This is a level of freedom and leash that makes all the sacrifice worth it. Essentially if done right, entrepreneurs don't even work. They just live. 

While it all sounds cool, its not all fun and games. There's stress, failure, and unimaginable sacrifice. But the upside makes it all worth it. 

Entrepreneurship....rewarding those who will learn to play they game...and win