Electronic Syringes

Smartphones will always be smart but what about smart people becoming dumber because they’re using smart phones? It’s getting to the point where many of us, or even the majority, are using our smartphones in ways that aren’t moving us forward or letting them control and redirect attention. These gadgets are awesome and powerful to the point where the device might be getting the best of us.

You can see it everywhere. People being warped into the screen not even aware of the world spinning around them. Constantly being tinged or beeped to check some useless update or message. Mindlessly scrolling through pictures or mind-eating content. It’s all pretty bad if you really stop and look at what’s going on.

What should we do about it? Probably send little christmas elves skittering around neighborhoods this year and instead of handing out presents, collecting phones in stockings and then having a “Strongest Elf Competition” to see who can throw them the furthest...off the highest building in town. But really...there’s an issue here and it needs to be thought about. No need to solve world problems today but a few tips that might help you:

-Silencing all the useless notifications feening for your attention

-Being mindful about how much time spent on SM

-Asking yourself are you learning or burning (burning time that is)?

-Trying to use devices minimally at meals

-Not missing the moment because you’re trying to film the moment

Just something to think about before we’re all walking around with headsets...or maybe even while sitting in electrically powered chairs so we don’t have to walk?!