Working to Wait...Not Waiting to Work

“Work while you wait” ~yoyoyoyo

Instantly being gratified=Instant Gratification...

Our modern world is living at a pace that can often be overwhelming. There are a million things going on at a time, we’ve got people bombarding us from every direction, and we are trying to make sure that the things that need to get done, get done. All this constant stimulation, plus how consumer product focused we’ve’s no wonder that we want things when we want them and we want things done when we want them done. There’s just “no time to wait”. It all has to happen now. But are the things that happen super quick and easy really ever worth much?

“Patience is the Companion of Wisdom” ~Saint Augustine

If you really want to win, learning not just to wait but also enjoying the wait is a piece of the puzzle. Substantial accomplishments, meaningful relationships, once and a lifetime experiences, and building anything all have the same thing in common: They don’t happen overnight. These are all month, year, and decade type commitments that have to be made. They all take vision, hard work, and persistence. With all the putting your head down and just grinding, there also has to be that part of “letting go” and being patient. It’s a really interesting balance. On one side the hustle doesn’t stop and continuing to tell ourselves “no matter what”, but on the other side it’s just saying “ok it’ll happen when it happens”. In theory, it actually sounds relatively straight forward. But when you’re down in the trenches, and it’s so dark you can’t even see the light from above, having the awareness to step back for a second and “let go” is really a life skill anybody on a mission must learn.

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer” ~Albert Einstein

So what happens when we don’t practice patience when working towards a goal...we give up. And this is a rampant sister problem of instant gratification with our society today as well. It starts with a big dream or goal. At first it’s cool because it’s something new, the ideas are flowing, you can envision the finish line, and all is looking up. But what happens when the first setback hits, the amount of work ahead is realized, or you encounter the first of the 1,000,000 doubters that will never seem to go away? This is the entrance to the trench and it’s frightening. It now seems like the goal is so far away and we’re going to have to work next level hard and be NEXT NEXT LEVEL PATIENT. Unfortunately, this is where people give up. And this tends to happen routinely until they’ve developed this pattern of giving up instead of developing grit and pushing through. It’s super dangerous because this developing mindset of giving up can set the course for the rest of a persons life…

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on when others have let go” ~William Feather

Everyone wants to be “a doer”. This is a person that makes moves, executes tasks, and is just reliable to get shit done. But with being a doer, has to come being a waiter as well. Developing a vision and being comfortable with your process not happening overnight, or even overyear, is the only thing that will carry you through the uncertain time when giving up may actually seem in a passing thought...a good or logical idea.

Hoping everyone finds their fiery vision, and with that the cool and calm ability to sit back and chill. Not literally, because even when waiting we can be working. But just understanding the timing may not always be exactly as we planned.

Be Not Afraid of Going Slowly. Be Afraid Only of Standing Still. ~Chinese Proverb