Hahaha a Poem

And so it begins
The mind starts to roll
All off a whim
To free some thoughts and get creative
That is the primary goal

The home give us true direction
Something like a compass
But unlike being lost in the wilderness
To find your way back there's no need for perfection
If you just head that way, it's all but impossible to miss
The place that's always got the lights on and is filled with affection

There's no other feeling then being away
And as the time to return gets closer
Your head can only feel one simple way

Its the thoughts of warmth and familiarity
Family and friends
Dogs, squirrels, and gold fish
Bring up a feeling that could even be called spir-spir-spir-spirituality

It time to embrace
Value what's valuable
Make loved ones happy
And see the smile it can create
On their beautiful bright faces

It's amazing what space can do
Solidify that anchor of strong metal roots
It can be taken for granted
Until you get that true clue
It's time to walk through the door
And unlace those leather boots