Blood, Family, Known, and The Rest(pected)

How many Facebook friends do you have? 

If you counted up all your "friends" where's the number at? 

How much do you value your blood relatives?

Does any of this even matter?

In my opinion, it matters SO FUCKING MUCH. We're all human beings and the natural craving to bond, create relationships, and interact is embedded in our DNA. But what does it all really mean and what are the real definitions of each relationship? 

So, let's start with blood. There just can't be enough emphasis on what this means. This group is comprised of that intimate circle that surrounds each one of us from birth, and we surround them in turn. This is something so sacred it's hard to even describe. They come before anything and no matter what we're all there for each other. We can't choose who they are, but we can choose how much we love and value them. 

Despite how important that blood circle is, the next circle can be just as important and this is where some bulletproof bonds are formed. For myself, this category holds a unique significance in my life because this is how I strive to live as a person. Any person that comes this close and also is invested in the relationship, is considered part of my family. These are people that may know you "better: than some family members. These are people that no matter what you've got their back and visa versa. This group is usually the ones that keep us up and connected in the day to day. We've probably known each other for extended periods of time and been through trials and tribulations undoubtedly They're not just friends but just because they don't share the same blood doesn't mean they're not family. 

This is where a bit of separation happens from the first two circles. This is a category called the "Known". It's somewhere between acquaintance and friend. Not sure exactly where but there is no extensive bond that links us. We may have had some conversations, mutual friends, worked together, ect. This is where the majority of people we consider "friends" sit. There's nothing wrong with it but the distinction is important. 

And now to the "Rest(pected)". This is the VAST majority if the world. Anyone that doesn't make up that few hundred, or few thousand. people sit here. These are people you may come into contact with randomly throughout your day or never meet. They are over in their own little circles and doing their own thing. But what I believe is important to mention, is that this group deserves to be treated with respect no matter what. Even if you just have one interaction with them, make it a pleasant one. This creates that overall system of love and respect that we need to see more of. Just because they're not in your inner circles, doesn't mean they're any less of an equal.