How it's Said

Communication is a broad topic with a million and one different veins. It runs our world, determines success, and is the key to every relationship. But let's narrow it down and focus on just one aspect of communication: message delivery. 

Ok so you've got this thing to say to someone. For this particular focus it's criticism, about something negative, or overall frustration. But it's become such an emotionally charged thing that saying it the right way is all but impossible. 

This is a dangerous position to be in...especially with someone you care for deeply. SO much of the time the message and love is strewn because of how it's delivered to the person. There's so much potential for what you've got to say to actually sink in but if not delivered right it, can be detrimental to the relationship. 

Why waste this potential or have negative consequences when there's an easier way...just to really think through HOW you're going to say it just as much as what you want to say. If it's in the moment let yourself cool down. If you've got time to think, use that time and make sure your message will be received in the right way. Your intentions are pure, so now just focus on how to really make sure this is felt and received well. 

Man this is life shit. Unfortunately, there's not enough time right now to really break down the subject! #futurethought