It's a new year and we've just gone through the days of reflecting and repentance as well. It's time to move forward and focus on all the amazing potential of our futures. Let's go!



Jewish knowledge:


Why do need refrain from sexual intercourse on Yom Kippur? 


This is a day of refraining from physical pleasures and instead sit in deep reflection, which connects us more closely to the spiritual world. 



What is the main purpose and holiness of Yom Kippur?


This is a day to ask for forgiveness from God and other people we may have wronged. 


למה אנחנו נמנעים ממין ביום כיפור?


זה היום של נמנע מתענוגות פיזית ובמקום ישיבה בהשתקפות עמוק שמתחבר אנחנו לעולם רוחני.


מה חשוב ביום כיפור?


זה היום לבקש שסיחלץה מהשם ואנשים אנחנו כואבים.  





Timing is everything. Many people have the right product, the right team, and the financing to back it all up. But if the market isn't ready, or even worse you've missed the window, you're doomed from the start. Making sure you're tuned into where the market has been, where it's at now, and where it's headed in the future, is vital to finding success. It all comes down to homework and using that homework to make predictions for the future. Hopefully, you can come up with something that's just on the uptick and grab a slice of the pie early. But then you better be able to continuing innovating and delivering as well. 





Timing is very important in relationships. Specifically, I mean when to talk about yourself and give opinions, and then when someone just needs an ear (hopefully you've got two to give). If you constantly shift the conversation away from the person needing the ears, it will make them feel distant and not feel comfortable coming to you in the future. So don't be that way. Sometimes just sit back and absorb. Be a sponge, and then if the person wants feedback you've really processed what they've said. Doing this instead of being ready to jump in and speak can work wonders. 



Fun Fact:

Next week your watch will be one second slow.