New Year , Same Grind

Shana Tova, my wish is that everyone’s year is filled with success along with passion and freedom. Do what you love!


Jewish Reasoning

Why was Rosh Hashana celebrated for two days in the past?

This is because in the earlier days the beginning of the month was marked by witnesses testimony that they had seen the new moon. Just in case there was some confusion or delay in witness testimony the safeguard was enacted to prevent people from making a mistake.



There are a million reasons people may tell you something won’t work. There are a million reasons people don’t want something you are trying to do to work. And there are a million reasons that something you are trying to do might just seem logically not to work.

So how do things that seem impossible to do, work?

Determination and belief that is so strong it becomes an obsession. You have to have become so obsessed that failure is just not an option, so finding a way around barriers becomes second nature. In other words, roadblocks just become challenges. And the bigger the roadblock, the more satisfying the accomplishment.



As frustrating as it can be to constantly be told that something you believe in isn’t possible, I think it’s necessary to embrace the criticism. It’s an opportunity to troubleshoot issues before they happen, let’s one practice stepping into another perspective, and teaches the ability to respect other’s opinions. Overall it can be positive if you decide it will be beforehand...instead of getting into the defensive “fuck you I’m right” mode.


Fun Fact:

Deaf congregants can hear the Shofar by holding balloons and feeling the vibration of the blast.