Self Control Patrol


The activity of marking down coherent words on paper and composing text is so much fun. Yes, this is one of the formal definitions of writing. I look forward to it all week and really wish there was more time available for such an activity. Guess this will have to do for now. 

Looking forward to writing so others can look forward to reading!


Jewish Reasoning

Why are Jewish children not named after living relatives?


Usually, Ashkenazic Jews don’t name newborns after living relatives because they believe it robs the living of a full life if another member of the family were carrying the same name.


Why is the Bar Mitzvah at age thirteen and the Bat Mitzvah at age twelve?

This is because girls usually mature faster than boys and this is how it’s portrayed in the religious life of Jews.


Why is intermarriage largely considered “forbidden”?

The reasoning here is that some believe this begins to break down the strength of the family structure, which is the core anchor of Jewish culture.


למה ילדים יהודים בשם אחר כך קרוב מישפחה חי?

בדרך כלל יהודים אשקנאזים לא בשם נולדים חדשים אחרי קרוב מישפחות כי הם מאמינים שזה שודד החי של חים מלא עם עוד קרוב מישפחה עפ היו נושא השם אותו.


למה הבר מיצבה בגיל שלוש אשרי והבת מיצבה בגיל שתאימ אשרי?

זה בדרך כלל הבנות מתבגרות יותר מאר מהבנים וזה אך זה מצטייר בחי דתי של יהודים.


למה נישואי תערובת נחשב "אסור"?

הסיבה פא שזה להיות להישבר הכועח במישפחהת שזה העוגן של תלבות יהודי.



Untethered: Can you imagine living this way?

Not having to show up in an office for eight hours, five days a week?

Being able to travel the world?

Creating unique company culture revolving around freedom with a balance of dedication?

There’s so much to talk about around this subject but the bottom line is the business world has some interesting ways to finagle a pretty cool life into it these days. People are now creating opportunities that allow them to live incredible lifestyles while also developing their careers. Instead of setting themselves up for a great retirement, they’re living the retirement life while also either running a business or helping to grow someone else’s. With the technological progression of the last decade and the dramatic shift in mindset, the possibilities are endless. This shit is exciting and revolutionary! Go get it!



Many people simply can’t control themselves. It’s a terrible pattern to be stuck in because of the havoc it causes within relationships. Plus the fact it can crush your reputation and people's confidence in your ability.

Being able to control yourself doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll probably mess up hundreds of times, or thousands like myself before you even become aware that you’re messing up. But once you have this awareness, it’s unbelievable what it can do to your interactions. Instead of blowing the top over the little things, you’re able to breathe and shrug it off. Or at least control the expression of frustration or anger that might have arisen.

Controlling yourself is an art. It’s the art of self-control, and becoming Picasso doesn’t happen until you’ve botched a ton of paintings.


Fun Fact

Picasso actually has 23 names.