Did anyone else get to see that moon this week? Incredible...makes me think more about space travel being available in the 21st century.

I’ve decided to put a pause on writing about specifics of what’s going on right now, because even though it’s still very low level stuff, I’m not really sure if it’s allowed. It also has to do with the responsibility I may be given in the very near future.


Jewish Reasoning

Why is it that a child is considered Jewish if the mother is Jewish?

The answer traces back before the days of DNA testing. Back then, there wasn’t really a way to track who the father was so it was determined by the religion of the mother.


Why is a celebration held on the Friday night after a boy is born?

At this celebration, there are certain foods served to ward off bad spirits that may harm the child. The Sephardic Jews even believe that the gathering of a group of people will prevent Satan from interfering with the right of circumcision


Why is a Jewish male child circumcised?

What happens on the eighth day after a child’s birth is called a brit, or in english “covenant”. This traces back to the covenant made between God and Abraham in which the flesh of the foreskin will be circumcised as the covenant.  


סיבות יהודי

למה שהילד נחשב יהודי עם האמא יהודי?

העונה שרידי חזרה לפני היומי מיבחן DNA. בזמנו לא היה דרך ליראו מי היה האבא אז זה היה נחוש על ידי דת על האמא.

למה יש חגיגה בערב ביום שישי אחרי הילד נולד?

בחגיגה הזה יש אוכל מגישה כדי להדוך רוחות רעות שעולי לפגוע הילד. היהודים שפרדי מאמין שהרבה אנשים בחגיגע מונים סתן לקוראי עם הזכות ברית מילה.


למה ילד יהודי נימול?

מה קןרא ביום שמונה אחרי הנולד נקרא ברית מילה. זה שרידי חורא להאמנה בן השם ואברהם בו את הערלה לעבור ברית מילה על הערלה.



Why don’t more young people who are interested in making $, having more freedom, or doing what they love start a business? Is it the thought of failure? The people around them saying it won’t work? Maybe not having “enough time”?

There are always many different reasons in front of people not to jump. But there is one reason that has continued to prove true for me over the years: learning. In many of past and current ventures, I don’t look at them as a way to make money...right now. I look at them as opportunities to try, and fail, so that in the future greatness will be created. It’s very rare that all of a sudden a perfect business just pops up. Usually people have failed, and learned a ton along the way.

So think of it as investing in your education. Maybe you lose a little bit of money. Or maybe your business just breaks even. There is no question you’ll learn more from the hands on experience than passing a test.



Nature: טֶבַע

Spending time in nature can work wonders. One of the most important aspects of our minds it can effect is speed.

With how hectic our everyday lives are there is RARELY time to slow down. But if you disconnect, and spend more than a couple days in nature, your mind automatically begins to adjust to the new pace. What this really does is slow everything down so much that you have the space needed to think. Then you start to notice the pure beauty of mother nature. It’s epic.


Fun Fact

Research has found that short doses of nature, and even nature pictures, can relieve stress and sharpen performance.