As the holiday season rolls around, most families are thinking about peaceful celebrations, getting fat off holiday munchies, and shopping until they've got blisters on their feet worse than breaking in a new pair of combat ooters. But that's unfortunately not the case in the Middle East. 

Listen, Jerusalem is ours. There's no question about that. It's the holiest place in the Jewish religion and one of the most sacred places in the world. Yes, there is also Muslim heritage in Jerusalem. And yes they also have a holy site in the holiest city, albeit not their holiest. But so do Christians. But what would happen if the Muslims controlled all of them? Noone else would get to enjoy their sacred spaces. 

Listen, Jerusalem is the capital. There's no question about that. And I think that the rest of the world formally recognizing that needed to happen eventually. But the question is, is right now the MOST appropriate time for such a dramatic political statement? I mean geeeeeeez hannukah is right around the fucking corner....doesn't everyone just want to spin dreidels and win gelt? No, but really, with all the moving parts and questions up in the air right now, maybe we could've waited just a few more years for the global recognition that has been long overdue? 

At the same time, Trump may have been the only one with the בייצים to make it happen. So, hats off and let's hope everything settles back down soon. 

Everyone have a good rest of the weekend and shoibus toibus:)