Common Sense Law?

It seems like every day we hear about another shooting. A school, a mall, a church, a bar, and the variety of places are endless. Its violent and senseless. The aftermath ripples far beyond the victim and is beginning to even create a dangerous reputation for America around the world.

Listen I fucking love guns. There's nothing like a cold piece of metal with a full mag. Loading up the whip with all the goodies and heading to the range for some lead just wouldn't be the same without it. 

But there is also this battle between idealism and realism. Why do senseless people have to die? What could be done to at least to curb some of the death? The problem is very complicated and can't be solved with one magical law. At the same time though, are we just going to sit around and say "well it's too complex to even address or make an effort to help"? That's definitely not the answer either.

Just to be clear though. It's America, and anyone that is qualified and sane enough should be able to own an automatic weapon, military items, and even a tank if that's what their about. Concealed carry 100% and if you want to stack thousands of rounds of ammo for doomsday let's be friends. 

Having said that, maybe a few common sense laws or regulations? Maybe people should have to be competent with a handgun to carry? Maybe you shouldn't just be able to walk into a store at 18 and buy a rifle? Maybe there should be some more regulations around mental health? 

These are just a few thoughts and ideas. The thing is once one law passes to restrict gun ownership, then it can become a slippery slope. So if it starts leaning towards heavy and gun hating regulation...I'll have no part of that. Us Texans value human life, but we also like to shoot. So somewhere in the middle, but favoring the gun owners is the only thing that may work.