Prescription For Perspective

One of the many explanations for the sides on the Star of David: They represent all the corners of the world people come from to make up the Jewish People. 





It's amazing when these two topics naturally flow. I believe this is just pointing towards what the foundations of our companies need to be built on. Obviously the bottom line is a priority and if you can't make any money you're screwed. But mindfulness needs to be practiced from the top down way more frequently. This starts with the leaders and moves through the people that drive the engine forward. Mindfulness has the potential to make for such better team dynamics, company culture, and impact on society in general.


So the topic for this week is not just how important it is to make the best of an "unfortunate or sub prime" situation, but moreover to take advantage of it and look to find ways to improve yourself or someone else. This is a fundamental mindset change that is not easy to make. Even when you have made it, there will be times where you fall back and lose perspective. Let that be acceptable as long as you become aware and are mentally ready to do differently next time. 


I'd like to give a quick example where this really hit me. 


The modern day laptop is an absurdly powerful piece of equipment. It enables us to create, research, learn, connect, grow, and so much more. Personally, whenever I can get my hands on one I go nanners. A few months ago, I bought one of the newest, most advanced systems. Unfortunately, it's been a fucking nightmare because of CONSTANT problems and inconveniences. So the latest one has been so bad I had to drop it off and now won't have a replacement for several weeks...atleast. Obviously it's not ideal, but I pulled out the spare that's only used now for emergencies. This is because it's got a host of problems of it's own. But it's usable and gets the job done. 


So what happens? It decided to breath it's last breath and move onto the computer afterlife of spare parts and target practice. So that's two computers down. There's a lot to be done in the next few weeks and not having a move making device is just not an option. 


But then it hit me like a truck in the face (very similarly to the sucker punch I ate last night). The answers been in my pocket the whole time. Before leaving for Israel I picked up an advanced smartphone that has some insane capabilities and overall is very efficient. The thing is...because it's been so comfortable with the laptop usage...I haven't been forced to make the shift over to the phone and get more productive with it. Although I had thought through which phone would be the best choice, knowing I'd be relying heavily on mobile phone productivity over the new few years, I just didn't want to get uncomfortable and make the switch to the unfamiliar. 


Now it's so clear though. This event is just a matter of perspective and mindset, one of those classic "blessing in disguise" type things. It can be looked at as "well this is all fucked and unfortunate" or "fuck this is a challenge and a perfect OPPORTUNITY to improve important and NECESSARY skills". 


This represents so much in business and life. Recognizing an opportunity that may be disguised as a hiccup, setback, or failure. Being mindful enough to make this differentiation can help ourselves so much. And also very important, this is a perspective that can be brought to family, friends, and coworkers that may need help making that differentiation. You might just have the opportunity to highlight someone's else opportunity. That is quite the opportunity. 


Fun Fact

Humans imitate people with strong accents to show empathy while attempting to build a bond and assimilate.