Create, Find and Distribute, Monetize

If you look back before the days of social media to the marketing and information distribution channels, you'll see a very streamlined process with very few players. It was all the main networks and stations putting out what they wanted, through the channels they controlled. All that has changed with the rise of social media.

Now anyone can act as their own distribution channel without anyone else in between. It's not quite as easy as that but below are how I see the first main steps.

First you have to decide which type of content you want to create. Then from there, work on bringing valuable information that can either help, educate, entertain, or influence your audience. Your content has to give something. If you're ONLY asking for shit no-one will give you the time of day.

Then you can begin trying to find the audience that connects with your content the most and distributing it to those people. You will need to test, survey, and engage with this audience to fine tune what their looking for. Then you can begin to scale up the distribution to similar audiences.

After you've provided value to your audience and you've built a solid community, THEN you can start thinking about ways to monetize. This may be through promoting a product, selling ebooks or other digital products, or even selling merch from the brand you've built.

The point if all this though is to not just ask for shit. First it's important to think about how you can give to your community without expecting things in return.