Plate of the Future

As humans have evolved, so have our eating habits. We've moved from bring solely carnivores, to hunters and gatherers, to a mix of agriculture and animal farming, to the interesting generation of today. As a population, more specifically to the U.S., on one side you have people eating WAY TOO MUCH meat. Then on the other, there is a notable group that doesn't eat meat at all. What does this all represent? 

In my opinion is represents the next shift in food consumption. With our growing population and new trends towards healthy eating, people are going to be eating a lot  more vegetables in the future. The way animals are farmed now is just not sustainable. This is not to say there won't be steaks. Oh, there will be steaks. But not 5 days a week...a couple times a day. 

What this also means is there will be heavy impacts on the farming and agriculture industry in general. It will change farming techniques, locations, and economics. This will open up new opportunity for creative startups and forward thinkers to help move these changes forward. 

We have a few problems to address. How are we going to feed our growing population? And not just this, but how will it be done in a way that doesn't destroy the earth in the process? What will our diets look like in 20, 30, 50 years? What will some of the businesses look like that address these very important issues?

They're all very interesting questions and finding the answers can help touch the world in a very impactful way.