The Art of Business

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Jewish Learning

Why do we sit it in the Sukkah on Sukkot?


There is only one place in the Torah that gives us an explanation for this, and it's from the book of Leviticus. Sitting and eating in the sukkah is supposed to commemorate the time when the Israelites sat in "booths". 





Being an artist is incredible. But to really promote your work and make a comfortable living, you have to understand and execute a business model as well. The problem is, artists are so involved with producing their work and making greatness, that they neglect the less "glamorous" stuff. Plus, many artists just don't want to deal with this side, because it's simply not their native ground. And that's ok. So if you are an artist, or have any artist friends, make sure to put some emphasis on surrounding yourself with a business savvy team that can help take your talent to a new level. And being successful in the business realm will also help spread your message to a vast audience of fans. 





We all need mindfulness for ourselves. But what about being mindful on how we're affecting the natural world around us? It's a shame that we have let our world get to a point where it's decaying. Worse than this, there still hasn't been a mind shift to preventing this from happening even more. It's still the "what can I do" or "this little bit of trash won't help" thought process that is just so flawed to the roots. It's time to wake the **** up as a species and stop fueling our own destruction. 



Fun Fact


The U.S. is the #1 trash producing country in the world.