Against All Odds

1973. Everything was cool. The day was holy. The country was invincible. Warnings were ignored. And then...SHTF. 

The fact that Israel survived is a miracle and a defiance of all statistical rationale. But we're still here. Living and THRIVING. What a place!



Automation is fascinating. There are all these different businesses that can create "passive income". What is often overlooked is the sacrifice, dedication, and finesse needed upfront to create that stream of income. The money doesn't just hit your account for no reason. There has to be countless hours strategizing and then significant execution before anything becomes real. 

Knowing this though, it really is possible to create businesses that run pretty much hands-off. With the power of the internet, this has been made drastically easier. 



Radical candor is where it's at. Challenge directly but care deeply on the personal level. This creates a culture of critical feedback, understanding, growth, and empowerment. I'd venture to say that any good team has this in its roots consciously or unconsciously. Either way more people need to learn and practice it in their lives;)


Fun Fact:

The ratios of soldiers and armor of the invading armies to the Israeli army in the Yom Kippur War were 100:1 and 10:1.