Patiently Doing vs. Patiently Waiting

Hey this week is dedicated to the grandparent generation. They were the families roots and did so much for our families. They taught lessons, created culture, made legendary meals, loved, and supported. With my family only having one left in this group of pioneers, it brings with a ton of history and emotion. Cheers to the founders! 



The IAF holds 1/3 of Israel's military manpower. 

Israels army is not just for defending. It helps build bonds and build a culture within society. 

The IDF has unmanned ships in the water protecting the country. 



Patience is key. But patiently waiting is just useless. Instead of just sitting around and believing success will fall in my lap, I like to actively pursue things...while also TRYING to be patient for results. It's about developing that tunnel vision with appropriate amounts of peripheral use as well. Coming up with an idea or stumbling upon an opportunity can be easy. But the process necessary to execute, profit, and maintain is what differentiates the dreamers and the doers.  What do you want to be? 


The game is about forward thinking: Doing things that will pay off in months, years, or decades. Not days or weeks. But it's not easy to deploy this tactic with relaxation and ease. So everyone try to be patient with the process and finding your flow:) 


Fun Fact:

Israel has the third highest rate of entrepreneurship in the world.